Penguins Usernames and passwords!

hi penguins

If you dont want to play club penguin anymore.Put your penguins usernames and passwords so other people can go on them! If your going to put your penguin on here type it like this:

Username: Password:

and tell why you dont want to play club penguin!

Thanks!   ~dms28


U: DWA fan
P: doctor who adventures

this is true and the PROPER one those other 2 are lies bye!!!

U: Dalink
P: dont turn

user: taylor rules
pass: taylor

User: Dancer 3000 pass: dancer

User: Maricopa pass: cactusjack

User: Kittypuff6 pass: kitty

User: Kocadudak pass: selin


Sorry its not a member but ill try to make it a memebr and dont ban or i change pass if it gets band im changing the pass ok ok ty and if u want u can make it a member but u dont need too ok bai love u all good night!



4 Responses

  1. hi!!

    woot first one yey!!

    umm i dont want to play cp coz i have grown out of it im 13…….llol

    so here it is

    username: moby178
    password: onyx2006

    tacke good care of him and he has 13 days of membership left bye 😉

  2. plese dont bann these penguins accounts your luckley they give you aacount

  3. its not a member but PLz DNT BANN IT!!!!
    user: Wiggly3
    Pass: pepper 1

  4. they r all banned

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